The Selborne LLCA has been produced by Selborne village.

Being where it is, Selborne has a lot of diverse landscape that attracts, (along with the Gilbert White and Oates museum), almost 40,000 visitors a year. It includes: Chalk hanger and escarpment, Greensand hangers, Valleys, streams, farms, woodlands, wet meadows etc.

All these are cris-crossed by a network of over 20 paths and bridleways, including 4km of the Hangers way. As a result, the LLCA is a large document, (over 130 pages at the last count) and it sets out to define what is here, what is important and how it can be conserved and protected.

This has been a major project, over 2 years in the making, involving a total of 34 villagers, and with expert help from both HCC Landscape and the NT.

We are fortunate to have local expertise in the village, and the project volunteer core team of 6 area leaders plus 2 specialists, included  a landscape archaeologist, an eminent geologist and historian, a geographer, an architect and 2 farmers.

Special thanks go to the following that led the project as the Core Team.

Kate Faulkner, Christine Gibson, John Liddle, David Newth, Nikki O’Donnell, Bill Oliver, Ian de Peyrecave and specially Chris Webb of the National Trust. 

This team led over 40 field surveys with an average of over 4 volunteers on each, to map out the details of this beautiful countryside. It has met monthly, with all survey data peer reviewed and approved by the entire group. The entire project has to date logged well over 1000 man/woman hours of volunteer time. Our thanks also go to contributing village historian and geologist Professor Ted Yates and to Councillor David Ashcroft.

Thanks are also due to:

All the village volunteers who helped on surveys.

Village experts that generously gave time and knowledge to the project.

HCC Landscape department for help in funding the development of the website.

David Woodroofe of Create Design Studio for the website design and build.

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