Meeting Records



Minutes of Meeting 3 of Core Group

Held at 7 Grange Farm on Tuesday 26 July 2011


D Newth              (DN)      Chairman

K Faulkner           (KF)        Group Leader

C Gibson              (CG)       Group Leader

N O’Donnell       (NO)      Group Leader

I de Peyrecave  (IdP)      Group Leader

D Ashcroft           (DA)       Parish/District Councillor/Farmer

C Webb                (CW)      Landscape Archaeologist

J Liddle                 (JL)        Group Leader/Secretary


Apologies for absence Apologies had been received from Bill Oliver (WO) and Ted Yates (TY)


Minutes The minutes of the meeting on Thursday 9 June were approved.  
Matters Arising There were no matters arising that were not included on the agenda for this meeting.


Progress Reports Field study trips had been undertaken in the Lythes, Lanes, South, and Central regions and trips were planned for the North and Gracious Street West regions. Short verbal reports were delivered by the group leaders and it was encouraging that the free narrative style that had been adopted for the Selborne LLCA (in contrast to a box ticking approach) was generating interesting material that was fun to produce.


It was agreed that completed reports would be circulated among the group leaders and advisers for interest, to monitor the consistency of the approach being adopted and to assist with validation of the findings.











 Pre-upload Review Procedure Group leaders were encouraged to edit their own results (photographic and written) before circulating the written material to the other group leaders and relevant advisers for a second review. Once reviewed in this way the data would be ready for uploading on to the website.




Uploading Photographs Collections of photographs, together with accompanying narrative, were being retained by group leaders until a Word version of the photographic record form produced by WO could be made available (currently in pdf format). Subsequent to the meeting, NO kindly circulated a Word version to all group leaders.



Uploading Field Study Reports Reports were being typed from hand-written notes taken in the field. Once edited and validated, these would be ready to be uploaded on to the website. Detailed uploading instructions were awaited from David Henderson.   DH
Volunteers Those few volunteers who had accepted general invitations to join group leaders on specific field study trips had enjoyed the experience. It was hoped that others would be encouraged to join in. The LLCA would not achieve its objective if it reflected only the views of a small minority of residents.    



Any other business Further attempts would be made to obtain permission, directly or indirectly, from the Ordnance Survey to use an electronic version of their source maps for the purposes of the LLCA. Ideally, the electronic version of the Explorer 133 map (1: 25 000 scale) could be overlaid with the study regions and be used to monitor progress as field study reports were produced.


DA commented on the Localisation Bill, the work being done at the East Hants Community Forum and the increased importance being attached to Village Plans. The PATTH Forum was investigating historic rights of way, parish by parish, in an effort to rejoin routes that had been lost.


Thanks were extended to John and Denise for hosting the meeting.












Date of Next Meeting The next meeting would take place on Tuesday 23 August at Westbank Cottage at 8 pm.




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