Meeting Records


Minutes of Meeting of Core Group

Held at 7 Grange Farm at 8 pm on Tuesday 11 October 2011


D Newth                              (DN)      Chairman

K Faulkner                           (KF)        Group Leader

C Gibson                              (CG)       Group Leader

I de Peyrecave                  (I de P) Group Leader

C Webb                                  (CW)      Landscape Archaeologist

J Liddle                                 (JL)        Group Leader/Secretary


Apologies for absence 

Apologies had been received from Nicki O’Donnell (NO), David Ashcroft, Bill Oliver (WO) and Ted Yates





The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 23 August were approved.

Matters Arising 

There were no matters arising that were not included on the agenda for this meeting.


Progress Reports 

JL (The Lanes) had completed and typed up two field study trips, covering Honey Lane and Sotherington Lane. He would also cover Priory Farm on a future trip and would circulate copies of his reports.


KF (The North) had covered one quarter of her region and would survey the rest of her region shortly.


DN (The South) had almost completed coverage of his region and would liaise with I de P to ensure that the boundary areas between the Central and Southern regions were all surveyed.


I de P (Central) reported that he had surveyed half of his area and planned to survey the remainder shortly.


CG  (Gracious Street West) had almost completed her survey work on the paths on and leading up to the Hanger. Bush Down and The Hodden remained to be surveyed.


Further surveys of each of the Regions would be undertaken during the Winter months when views across the landscape were not blocked by the leaves of trees.


Froxfield and Privett LLCA


DN had circulated the above completed LLCA . It was considered useful in providing a structure that could be adopted by Steep and ourselves. A meeting over lunch with representatives of the Froxfield and (possibly) Steep LLCA  teams (to be attended by DN and Richard Irwin) was being arranged for 25th October.





























Procedures for Uploading Photographs and Survey Reports 

In a meeting of the steering committee producing the Village Plan, held on the following day, David Henderson  (DH) confirmed that he would shortly have time available to update the Village Plan website to make it easier to upload documents and photographs. He pointed out that there was little point in uploading photographs unless they had been taken at relatively low levels of resolution. Mega pixel photographs could be uploaded but would take too long to download to be of any practical use.


It was hoped that a solution to this megapixel problem could be found, with the help of WO, which would not involve the need to provide technical assistance to individual photographers or to reconfigure each of their cameras. In the meantime, DH would

purchase (invoice to JL) a high capacity expansion drive that would hold all current photographs and would facilitate their review, pending upload.














Any Other Business 

I de P would purchase a large scale OS map covering “Greater Selborne” on which he would overlay the regions under survey. This would help to ensure that all areas were surveyed. He would also continue with his efforts to obtain the permission of EHDC to allow Selborne LCA to overlay OS maps with survey data. Without such electronic mapping capability, the presentation of the LCA would be difficult to achieve.


I de P suggested that, wherever possible, old field names should be employed on maps produced in connection with the LCA. CW also wondered whether discs with the old field names could be attached to gates or field boundaries for the information of walkers.


Thanks were extended to John and Denise for their kind hospitality in hosting the meeting.





I de P




I de P


Date of Next Meeting 

The next meeting would take place on Tuesday 22 November at Westbank Cottage at 8 pm.






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