Meeting Records


Minutes of Meeting of Core Group

Held at Westbank Cottage at 8 pm on Thursday 15 March 2012


D Newth (DN)  Chairman  K Faulkner (KF) Group Leader  C Gibson (CG)Group Leader

W Oliver (WO) Photo Archivist   I de Peyrecave  (I de P) Group Leader  J Liddle (JL) Group Leader/Secretary


Apologies for absence


Apologies had been received from DA, Ted Yates, NO’D and CW.







The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 16 February were approved.





Matters Arising


There were no matters arising that were not included on the agenda.

LLCA Website


DN logged on to the website and illustrated the progress that had been made with the help of David Woodroofe (DW). DN would upload as much of the text as he could write before going on holiday at the end of March. Members of the core Group were encouraged to engage in a critical review of the draft text in his absence and to suggest any alterations that might be necessary.


DN had sought help with a series of questions that had arisen when writing the text. WO had been able to answer most of these questions and had lent DN one or two books from his library of material on Selborne that would assist with any that remained.
















Procedures for Archiving Photographs


WO had made good progress with building a databank of the photographs that he had received so far from the members of the group. He planned to meet each in turn to gain further information on the background to each photograph. It was accepted that only certain photographs would be selected for inclusion on the website but the remainder would be held in an archive.


WO confirmed that not only would the illustrative photographs be tagged so that they could be linked to the relevant text but there would be a facility for creating a word index once the all material had been uploaded on to the website.






Drafting the Selborne LLCA


DN had found it sensible to approach the task of covering the three key principal geological features of the Selborne landscape by starting at the north west corner of the parish and by sweeping down/across each area in turn. He had found it relatively straightforward to deal with the Chalk Scarp in this way and the Greensand Terrace but the areas of Downland Mosaic were expected to create more problems. WO explained how this approach could be illustrated from above by using the RAF Odiham photographs.


DN would aim to have a first draft of the LLCA ready for review by the steering group (and by Minette Palmer, Mark Wilson and by SDNP) by the end of March.  He had left specific tasks for volunteers to complete that are listed in the Minutes of the February meeting.















I de P distributed a series of maps, overlaying the OS maps, showing Selborne’s geological areas, the Field Names in 1824 and one showing bridleways, footpaths and the Parish Boundary. These proved very helpful in resolving some of the questions that had arisen when DN was engaged in drafting the text of the LLCA.





Treasurer’s Report


JL confirmed that combined funds available in the Selborne Association’s bank account, held for the LLCA and Village Plan, now amounted to just over £1,000. An additional sum of £1,500 had been received from HCC, earmarked for the fees to be charged by DW for producing the website.

Any Other Business


Thanks were extended to DN and Pam for their hospitality in hosting the meeting.







Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting would take place at 7 Grange Farm at 8 pm on Wednesday 25 April.








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